Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Birthday and Fudge Frosting

        On the heels of Mothers' Day, we had another celebration here - Littlest's 9th birthday! He's been counting down the days for months, and the day finally came. My father has a tradition of taking each child out for breakfast on their birthday, and somehow this slipped my mind (and his!). On Monday morning, at 5 of 8, I asked Littlest what he'd like for breakfast, and he replied that he figured Pa would be there soon to get him. I called my father quickly, and he and Littlest made arrangements, in which Littlest assured him he didn't have to rush, but could come over at 8:55.

Later that evening, at Littlest's request, we had chocolate cake with strawberry jam in the middle, and a rich, boiled fudge frosting on top.

(Fudge Frosting - Stir together and melt 2 C sugar, 1/2 c cocoa, 1/2 c Spectrum shortening, 1/2 c Silk coconut milk - boil 2 minutes, cool, stir in 2 t vanilla. If you cool it quickly in an icewater bath the way I did - not recommended - it'll be a thick paste you will have to press onto the cake. Try cooling slowly and pouring over cake for a glossy finish...)

       There were lots of rowdy family members,   

and singing and gifts,

and a boy who went to bed happy, counting down the 365 days until he can do it all again. And yes, I did realize at the end of the night that he'd had a sticker on his forehead throughout the evening.

It has been such fun to watch this little one blossom and grow these 6 years he has been with us - a privilege and a wonderful gift. He has a sweet, gentle nature, a way with animals, a sense of direction I've never seen on a child this age, and a fun sense of humor. He's a great baking companion, budding chef and thoughtful boy who loves to share. Littlest, you are wonderful, and we love you. This may be the last year we can call you Littlest...

A wonderful surprise in my inbox - a photo from a special friend in Korea, of Littlest at 2

Thanking God for another year with our guy, and
Trusting in Him,


  1. Hi Aimee, It is Leslie from SCM! Your children are precious! And this photo--I know just how much these kinds of photos mean to us (and our children).

    Our first adoption was our oldest daughter at 35 months old. Then our two boys by adoption came home at the SAME TIME (oh my!) at 10 and 5 years old. Then baby girl just 3 months ago at 23 months old. Again, oh my! A 2YO in the house again ... she is 4 1/2 years younger than our next two, who are currently 6 and are just 4 months apart on the calender.

    Well that is a snapshot of us. I hope you are able to access my blog. I will tell you lately it is all fluff LOL! But that has been my intent since going private. Just our life day-to-day as we share in the "little" things like strawberry patches and reading a good book together!

    Thanks for sharing your blog addy with me too!

  2. Well, drat, meant to say

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your littlest before rambling on! Looks like he had a blessed day!