Tuesday, October 23, 2012

To a young birthmother

To a young birthmother:
          Thank you so much for allowing me to come see you in the hospital last week. Your wee one is just beautiful. I know you will cherish forever those hours and days you spent with her in your arms, and I count it great privilege to have been allowed a bit of time to hold her in mine. I was so moved to meet her adoptive father and grandmother, and to see the great love both awaiting her, and being sent along with her. It felt like a very holy moment, like sacred ground.
          I’m sure this was the hardest thing you have ever done, and your bravery moves me. Seeing you walk out this hard choice these past nine months has been powerful. I know this has not been easy, being in your community, being so young and perhaps feeling judged, but I want you to know, you are a hero. You made a difficult choice, an unpopular choice, perhaps, to put your life on hold to give this little one a chance to have one. You knew you had the support of your parents, and they are heroes too, for standing with and beside you throughout. Seeing your courage and sacrifice has given me a new appreciation for our children’s birthparents. Having birthed long-awaited babies, I can imagine the depths of your sacrifice and how very difficult this parting must be.
 I’m imagining these next days and months will be painful and there will be adjustments, and maybe relief too. Please know you are prayed for, you are precious, you are loved. On behalf of adoptive parents everywhere, thank you, friend.
Giving thanks for this beautiful young woman and new little life, and
Trusting in Him,