Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Praise

          We gathered together, the bunch of us, for the first time in several years, but like we used to, on the Thanksgivings that came before. My parents, Aunt and Uncle in from Virginia, a cousin and her daughter, another cousin and her music-making husband. I wish I’d taken pictures, but by the time I remembered, the day was nearly done, and my batteries needed replacing. Who can ever find batteries when you need them on an average day, much less Thanksgiving?

          There was so much eating and even though we’d tried to cook lighter, there was too much in the end. No-one minded. There was a walk after dinner, and catching up, a flock of geese flying overhead as we walked off the turkey in the crisp fall air. After, there was dessert in the kitchen, sitting and standing and laughing and talking, and then the boys took out their guitars.
     Cousin M, who plays on a worship team, led the little group, and shared music notes with the guys later.
     What a blessing, on Thanksgiving evening, to be led in worship to our King in our living room.

          I’ve been quiet here in this little space, but needed to pop in to say I am grateful, so very, very grateful, for all the richness we’ve been blessed with. For family and friends, near and far; warmth of home; plenty of food; job; sons, big and small, who love much, work hard together, and teach me every day. For oldest, home for a few days, cooking alongside me on Thanksgiving morning and playing with his little brothers; for daughter, who laughs, checks outfits and shares life with me. For parents nearby, whose lives are intertwined with ours. For kind husband with servant’s heart, and most of all, for Jesus, who did for us what we could never do for ourselves – made us right before God so that we can enjoy Him forever. To God be the glory.

Giving Thanks, and
Trusting in Him,