Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Twenty Nine Years

Twenty nine years ago, my brother brought a friend home for dinner. I'd noticed that friend for months, and we'd struck up a friendship. He had a kind spirit, looked out for the underdog, and I thought he was awfully cute. That night, somehow, became a first date of sorts. It consisted mostly of me expressing my affection by heaping his plate with my mother's food, but it was clear, by the evening's end, that we were sweet for each other.

Who knew, all those years ago,

 that we'd still be together?

Happy special day anniversary to my wonderful Husband, one of the greatest blessings I've been given. He still has that kind spirit, still cares deeply about people, and I still think he's awfully cute.

Giving thanks for 29 years, and

Trusting in Him,

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