Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Purple Mountains Majesty: Colorado, Part I

            I like to think I’m adventurous, but really, I like the predictable. I like my cup of tea in my favorite mug in the morning, drunk in my favorite spot while I wake up slowly. I like our school schedule and reading books and baking and knowing what to expect next. Luckily for me, that works well with kids who’ve had too many changes in life – there is a comfort in the familiar. But, I learned on our trip to Colorado for my brother's wedding, there is also a beauty in experiencing delays, discomfort and great adventures together - we grew together as a family, learned more patience, and had an awful lot of fun! One of the things I greatly appreciated about this trip was seeing nature's testimony to God's creative powers. Even as we arrived, we saw things we’d never seen before, like the mountains rising ahead of us. I thought we had mountains here, but goodness, these made ours look like speed bumps.

After showers and clean beds (we never appreciated them so much as we did after our 50 hour train trip!) and cousins and family to visit with when we woke,

there was a visit to the zoo where we saw unlikely friends.

There was the Garden of the Gods

And a trip to the top of Pike's Peak with Aunt and Uncle.

I mean really, I have never before seen anything like these views. (I kinda like the kids too.)

       We saw hundred-year-old wagon tracks going up Pike's Peak, snow-covered mountains and beautiful wildlife. We learned that America the Beautiful was in part, inspired by a trip to Pike's Peak:
In 1893, Katharine Bates, an English professor, had taken a train trip to Colorado Springs to teach a short summer school session. One of the things that inspired her poem was the view from the top of Pike's Peak, and despite our oxygen deprived dizziness, we could see why! Simply breathtaking.

      All through the trip, I just kept marveling at this incredible world God has given us. He did not have to make it so unbelievably beautiful and yet in His goodness, He gave us not only everything we need, but a creation that shows His power, majesty and beauty.
1 Lord, you have been our dwelling place
throughout all generations.
2 Before the mountains were born
or you brought forth the whole world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God. 
Psalm 90: 1-2

I'm so thankful I pretended to be adventurous. Next, the wedding.
Trusting in Him,
- Aimee

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